USL PCA-100+

The PCA-100 Projection Color Analyzer is used when setting up a digital projector.  With its precision spectrometer, the PCA-100 accurately measures luminance and chromaticity with more precision than filter-based instruments.


  • Measures both color (chromaticity) and brightness (luminance)
  • Wide luminance resolution range (0.01 to 50 foot lamberts) allows measurement of the projector contrast ratio
  • Chromaticity resolution allows checking the projector "x" and "y" linearity
  • Utilizes a precision spectrometer for highly accurate measurements at a very moderate cost
  • Unit comes with ULC-6' cable, software, PC1-CC carry case and manual

Chromaticity accuracy: CIE 1931: x: +/- .002,y: +/-.002 when viewing a black body source at 2856 Kelvin

Luminance accuracy: +/-2%

Luminance range: 0.01 to 50 ft-Lamberts

Viewfinder angle of view: 7 degrees

Angle of sensitive spot area: 1 degree

  • ULC-6 USB 6' Cable between Laptop and Camera
  • C5LC-50 50' C5 Cable and Adaptor- Laptop to Camera
  • C5LC-100 100' C5 Cable and Adaptor-Laptop/Camera
  • PC1-CC PCA Carrying Case
  • PS2-TR1 49" Extending Tripod