The LSS-100P is designed for cinema auditorium quality control. It measures sound pressure level, luminance and chromaticity. The LSS-100P contains a color sensor, not an image sensor. The LSS-100P does not present a security issue, as there is no transmitting of an image or sound of the movie.

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  • Measures C-weighted sound pressure level (SPL) in dB
  • Measures luminance in cd/m² and fL (ft-L)
  • Measures chromaticity (x and y)
  • Web interface shows live and logged SPL, luminance, and chromaticity values. Log includes graphs to show how measurement varies over time
  • User defined scripts automate measurement sequences
  • Live measurement data, script start commands, and other commands are available over a TCP interface
  • A red/green flash sequence can be used instead of a server cue to start a script
  • Logs can be posted in XML format to a web server for further analysis.
  • USL LSS-DB software can gather data from thousands of LSS-100P units
  • Measurements are used to identify lamps nearing end of life, misadjusted lamps, projector color problems, defective speakers or other audio components
  • Powered by included Power Over Ethernet power injector
  • US Patent Number 8,836,910