• State of the art 96k sample per second hardware
  • Inputs includes two COAX with AC3 and one channel TOSLINK with AC3 when optional DI-84 board is installed, eight standard channels of AES-EBU audio and sixteen channels AES-EBU with optional DI-84 card. Analog inputs include one PA microphone, one Calibrated microphone, one two channel and one eight channel input
  • The Outputs are 8 Channels of Main Out (Balanced Analog Audio), 8 Channels of Monitor Out (Balanced Analog Audio), Visual Narrative (VI-N) Balanced and Hearing Impaired (HI) Balanced Out
  • Two fully configurable format buttons to address such issues as audio level changes and three or five stage channels
  • Control for the unit includes one Ethernet RJ45 @ 10/100 one USB, one RS232 on a DB9 connector for computer configuration and one Automation control over a DB25
  • Power supply for main and backup power with a built in “Sleep Mode” which conserves power after a selectable amount of time of no audio activity
  • One AES-EBU Bypass for Audio SD Memory Card to backup and store all settings
  • One Global Time Delay for video and audio synchronization @ 0-250ms
  • One Surround Delay @ 0-150ms

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