• Six channels of main audio plus Hearing Impaired and Visual Narration channels
  • Supports 48KHz and 96KHz sample rates @ 16, 20 or 24 bits
  • 82dB Signal to Noise plus 20dB Headroom for a total of 102 dB dynamic range
  • Typical 300mvrms reference level analog outputs, adjustable via laptop software
  • Adjustable Surround delay for Left Surround and Right Surround channels
  • LEDs on front panel for monitoring the presence of audio signals
  • Downmixing network to accommodate Mono and Mono/Surround auditoriums
  • Dual DB25 supports DCI standard and Dolby® digital audio pinouts
  • Standard DIN connector for the Hearing Impaired and Visual Narration channels
  • Ethernet Jack for software updates and Remote Audio Level Monitoring
  • Rack panel mounting available, 1 3/4" x 19" panel space required