Linksys SRW Series

This product has been marked as End of Life by the manufacturer.

This configuration must be done in two stages, first via console connection or telnet session, and second using Internet Explorer.

This procedure works with the following Linksys SRW Series switches:

  • SRW2008
  • SRW2008P
  • SRW2008MP
  • SRW2016
  • SRW2024
  • SRW2048


Telnet or Console Connection

Initial configuration is accomplished via serial terminal connection to the console port, or telnet session to the factory default address ( Use HyperTermial or other terminal emulation software, supplied serial cable and 38400,n,8,1 line settings when connecting to console port.

  1. Press Enter to get a login screen
  2. Press Enter and type "admin" as the User Name. The password should be left blank.
  3. Press ESC then the right arrow to select Execute.
  4. Press Enter to reach the Main menu.
  5. Press Enter to reach the System configuration menu.
  6. (optional, but recommended if the switch configuration state is unknown) Restore switch configuration to factory defaults:
    1. Press 7 then Enter to restore system default settings.
    2. Press 'Y' (capital required) to confirm.
    3. Press 8 then Enter to reboot.
    4. Press 'Y' (capital required) to confirm. Wait for the switch to reboot.
    5. Restart this procedure from step 2.
  7. Press Enter then Enter again to reach the IP address configuration page.
  8. Press the right arrow to select Edit then press Enter to highlight the IP address.
  9. Enter the desired IP address and Subnet mask values.
  10. Press ESC then the right arrow to select Save then press Enter.
  11. Disconnect the console connection or terminate telnet session and proceed to QoS Setup (below)

QoS setup

You must use Internet Explorer to interact with the switch. There are known problems with FireFox and Chrome.

    1. Open the Internet Explorer and enter the switch's IP address in the browser's address bar.
    2. At the login screen, type "admin" for the user name, leave password blank.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Click the QoS tab
    5. Click the Basic Mode sub-tab
    6. Use the Change Trust Mode drop down to select DSCP.
    7. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.
    8. Click DSCP Settings sub-tab
    9. Use the DSCP 46 drop down to change the Queue from 3 to 4.

DSCP Indicates the Differentiated Services Code Point value in the incoming packet. Queue Maps the DSCP value to the selected queue.

  1. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.