Q-SYS Cores

The World’s Most Powerful Software Based DSP Solution for Audio, Video & Control

To provide a top performing solution, it's not enough to offer great products.  It requires a comprehensive vision – a family of technologies where all components are designed to work together as a system, with seamless and simple integration of all parts into the whole.  It should also be scalable for any size project, and flexible to easily accommodate changes with the progress of technology.  It requires an extensible technology platform.  QSC has built this solution platform: this is Q-SYS.

The Q-SYS Platform includes Core processors and peripheral devices, enabling unprecedented scalability, flexibility and power.

The central hardware component in any Q-SYS system is the Core. There are currently two Core models that are appropriate for most Cinema applications: Cinema Core 510c and Unified Core 110f.


    Local I/O Channels Network Audio Channels AEC Channels Multitrack Audio Players Local I/O Card Capacity VoIP Instances
Unified Core
(small scale)
Core 110f 24 (8 analog in, 8 analog out, 8 analog flex in/out), 16x16 USB audio 128 x 128 16 16 (upgradable to 32) N/A (Built-in I/O on this model) 4
Integrated Core
(medium scale)
Core 510c Up to 32 analog, up to 128x128 AES/CobraNet/Dante/AVB  256 x 256 16 16 (upgradable to 128) 8 8

Q-SYS Training Level 1 - Online

Learn Anywhere, Anytime: Rather than take you away from your work, QSC gives you the flexibility to learn Q-SYS™ on your own time, from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

Real-time, Dynamic Demonstrations: No boring videos here. Our fast-paced demonstrations are highly visual and hosted by seasoned QSC educators, and presented in real-time.

Multiple Languages Available: Q-SYS Training is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, German and French.

Q-SYS Training Level 2 - Classroom

Experienced Trainers: One-on-one instruction from advanced application engineers and trainers who specialize in a wide variety on installations.

Hands-on Experience: Each student works on a full Q-SYS™ workstation with the latest Q-SYS hardware and software.

Advanced Application-based Curriculum: Topics include Public Address, Conferencing Suite (AEC, Softphone, proper gain staging,  Automixers), Networking Troubleshooting, Introduction to Third Party Control, Core-to-Core Streaming/Paging, GPIO integration, Advanced User Control Interface and more.

Q-SYS Training has been approved by
Infocomm for RU credits.
Level 1: 4 RU Level 2: 8 RU