Q-SYS accessories are non-network system add-ons for mission-critical installations and life safety requirements. You can add auto-switching power amplifier redundancy (up to eight channels per accessory) and automated verification of loudspeaker line integrity, even in real time.

Secondary Remote microphone for Page Stations

The Page Station Expander (PS-X) plugs into the rear of any Q-SYS Page Station via Cat 5e cable and provides an additional handheld microphone.  The PS-X  is designed to be mounted on a wall housed in a standard U.S. 2-gang, electrical wall box. 

Q-SYSTM Page Station Expander


Q-SYSTM Pilot Tone Load Accessory

The PTL-1 is a Q-SYS accessory that provides an end-of-line 22 kHz impedance soak for 70V and 100V distributed loudspeaker circuits. Used in combination with QSC DataPort or CXD platform amplifiers, the PTL-1 allows the Q-SYS system to monitor shorts, opens, and other faults in a loudspeaker line, even in real time. 

Q-SYSTM Pilot Tone Load Accessory



Q-SYSTM Amplifier And I/O Frame Backup Accessory

The DataPort Amplifier Backup Panel provides the ability to add true N+1 amplifier redundancy to any Q-SYS system, plus the ability to automatically switch amplifier input sources from a primary I/O Frame to a backup I/O Frame. This provides redundancy, emergency paging, and other functionality required for many Life-Safety and Evacuation or mission-critical audio systems.

Q-SYSTM Amplifier And I/O Frame Backup Accessory