DCP 200

Digital Cinema Processor


  • Digital input for up to 16 channels of audio
  • Networked audio I/O via CobraNet - supports behind-the-screen mounting of DXP processors for screen channel and subwoofer DCA amplifiers
  • Handling crossovers and amp connections for screen channels via DXP allows the DCP 200 to offer DCP 300 functionality at a significant savings
  • Network control and monitoring via SNMP
  • Serial automation control via RS-232
  • Analog inputs for film processors, non-sync and mic/line
  • Master volume and full 1/3 octave graphic EQ on all channels
  • Booth monitor with touch screen control for easy operation
  • DataPorts for surround channel amplifiers
  • Compatible with all existing DCA amplifiers - thousands of DCA equipped screens are ready for full network monitoring and control
  • Dual power supplies with load sharing for seamless operation in the event of failure
  • SD memory card for quick unit swap - restores all settings
  • Multiple bypass modes routes audio around failed components to insure that the show will go on
  • DCP Manager and DCPNet PC-based application for set-up, control and monitoring
  • DCP Connect mobile app for iPhone and Android provide control and monitoring capabilities via smart phone
  • Easily integrates with existing film processors for dual film/digital projection systems
  • CobraNet offers digital audio routing via DXP processors
  • Continued development of software and firmware will add new capabilities to the existing hardware with easy firmware updates
  • The DCP 200 is designed expressly for the needs of D-Cinema sound systems
SPECIFICATIONS DCP 200 Digital Cinema Processor
Front Panel Controls
Power switch Rocker switch
Mute control Push button
Auditorium fader Rotary encoder
Monitor volume/parameter adjust Rotary encoder
Menu-driven LCD Touch control LCD
Rear Panel Connectors
D-Cinema input group 1 DB-25: AES3/EBU channels 1-8
D-Cinema input group 2 DB-25: AES3/EBU channels 9-16
Main analog input DB-25: Analog audio channels 1-8
Extended surround input DB-25: Surround and Le/Re channels
Universal Mic/Line input XLR: Mic (+ phantom pwr) or line level
S/PDIF input RCA: Stereo digital audio interface and Lt/Rt Matrix
RCA (L/R) inputs RCA (2): Stereo Left and Right and Lt/Rt Matrix
Dataport outputs HD-15 (6): QSC amplifier interface
Automation inputs 2 x 6-pin Euro-style (six) digitally-sampled analog control inputs
Serial Control DB-9 RS-232 serial interface
Logic output 4-pin Euro-style (2) outbound control
Relay outputs 6-pin Euro-style (2) outbound control
USB port Config and management interface
Control RJ45 10/100 Mbps network management
CobraNet RJ45s 100 Mbps primary/backup network audio
SD card receptacle Configuration memory card (1 GB min)
HI and VI Impaired Outputs
Output stage type Single ended (balanced Z)
Output impedance 50 ohms
Nominal output level -11.8 dBu (200 mV rms)
Loading requirements RMIN = 2 kΩ, CMAX = 4 nF
Audio Network
Protocol CobraNet version 2 protocol
Data rate 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet)
Ports 1 Primary, 1 Backup (auto-failover)
Connection requirements Cat-5 UTP cable or better (100m maximum length), direct connection to wired network switch ports only, dedicated LAN or VLAN
Control Network
Protocol Standard TCP/IP implementation over Ethernet or Fast Ethernet
Data Rate 10/100 Mbps
Connection requirements Cat-5 UTP cable or better (100m maximum length), direct connection to wired network switch ports only, dedicated LAN or VLAN
Line voltage requirements 100 VAC - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (HWD) inches 5.25 × 19 × 15.2 
Dimensions (HWD) mm 133 × 483 × 386
Weight 16.6 lb (7.5 kg)

Specifications are subject to change without notice