KW181 (Discontinued)

Active 18-inch Subwoofer - Limited Stock Available

Discontinuation Notice: The KW181 loudspeaker has been discontinued. Suitable Active Subwoofer replacements are available.
Please contact your local Sales Rep for more details.


  • 18英寸重低音扬声器
  • 最大峰值声压级可达135dB
  • 1000W D类持续功率
  • 巡演级16号厚度钢制网格防护
  • 坚固的橡木纹理箱体
  • 螺纹支杆插座
  • 随附扬声器安装支杆(直径35毫米,长度36英寸(91厘米),M20型螺纹)
  • 符合人体工程学设计舒适型把手


  • 强大的DSP处理能力,搭载DEEP™和Intrinsic Correction™技术,增强系统性能
    • DMT™(指向匹配转换)技术确保低频和高频声音覆盖到听音区域的每一个角落,消除失真的频率“坏点”或“热点”区域。
    • Intrinsic Correction™(本征校正)技术,最初应用于高端线阵列产品中,可映射65-75个空间均值,通过IIR和FIR滤波器动态调整时间、频率和振幅响应,实现最大平坦带通,能够确保扬声器在整个听音区域都有相同的音效。
    • DEEP™和限幅技术可主动调整瞬时低频瞬变,拓宽低频响应,避免影响基本信号和相邻频率。
    • GuardRail™技术最初应用于GX系列功率放大器中,可保护功放模块和音效性能免受异常削波失真的影响。

Configuration 18-inch subwoofer
Transducer 18-inch cone transducer
Frequency Response (-6 dB) 40 Hz to 112 Hz
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 37 Hz to 129 Hz
Maximum SPL1 135 dB peak
Power Output2 1000 W Class D continuous
2000 W peak
Input Impedance XLR / ¼⁻ᶦⁿᶜʰ: 38 kΩ balanced / 19 kΩ unbalanced
Controls Power, Gain, LF Mode (Normal/DEEP™), Polarity (Normal/Reverse), Front LED (On/Off/Limit)
Indicators Power, Signal, Standby, Limit
Connectors Dual balanced female XLR/¼⁻ᶦⁿᶜʰ line level input, Dual Balanced male XLR full range line level out, Remote gain control, Locking IEC power connector
Cooling On demand, 50 mm variable speed fan
Amplifier Protection Thermal limiting, output overcurrent, overtemperature muting, GuardRail™
Transducer Protection Thermal limiting, excursion limiting
AC Power Input Universal power supply 100–240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
AC Power Consumption
(1/8 Power)
100 VAC, 2.3 A
120 VAC, 2.01 A
230 VAC, 1.13 A
Material 15 mm painted birch plywood
Finish Black textured paint
Grille Rugged Powder-Coated Steel Grille
Dimensions (HWD) inches 20.3 x 23.4 x 29.9 with casters
Dimensions (HWD) mm 516 × 595 × 760 with casters
Net Weight 93.6 lb / 42.5 kg
Available Accessories KW181 cover

1 For comparison purposes and in accordance with common industry practice, maximum peak SPL specifications are theoretical calculations based upon transducer sensitivity and peak available amplifier power.
2 Independent of limiters and driver protection circuits.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.