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Every space should have the intuitive and consistent experience delivered by Microsoft Teams Rooms. Many high-value spaces, such as boardrooms, divisible rooms, training rooms, or auditoriums, have been a challenge to outfit with the right audio, video and control solution. Q-SYS helps solve this challenge by letting you design to the needs of the room, while maintaining Teams certification.

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Walkthrough: Connecting your Teams Room with Q-SYS​

Build Your Teams for the Future

Q-SYS is a software-based, network AV&C platform that enables simple, scalable integration with Teams Rooms via single USB connection. As a truly open platform, it offers a greater ecosystem of integration capabilities that help tailor a unique Teams Room experience in any space. Additionally, it offers plenty of processing headroom to continue growing its capabilities well into the future, without the need for additional hardware.

Microsoft Teams Room control

  • Q-SYS Control for Microsoft Teams Rooms application: Software application runs on the Teams Compute to enables both room AV controls and Teams call control on a connected Teams Console. Allows for customization of in-room controls to deliver a intuitive user experience
  • Microsoft Teams CSS Style: replicates the Teams look and feel that users are familiar with on the Q-SYS user control interface (UCI)

Enhancements for Room Accessories

  • Pre-configured Q-SYS Designer software file: provides the certified DSP signal flow and settings
  • Room Optimization UCI: assists users with setting up the audio in their room
  • Q-SYS Feature License for Microsoft Teams Rooms: enables the full Q-SYS experience for Teams Rooms (Contact QSC Sales representative to purchase Q-SYS feature licenses)​


Solutions Overview Guides

Provides an introduction to Teams-certified QSC room audio accessories for your Microsoft Teams Rooms, based on room size and loudspeaker type.

Teams Room Control Components

Download Q-SYS Control for Microsoft Teams Rooms components (Q-SYS Designer Software 9.0 is required!)

Q-SYS Control for Teams Rooms

Sample Q-SYS Designer Files

Pre-configured Q-SYS Designer files can be downloaded from Asset Manager, found in Q-SYS Designer Software.

Q-SYS Designer Software

Buzz Session with Microsoft & Avanade

Experts from Microsoft, QSC and Avanade discuss the latest technology for delivering the quintessential end user experience in challenging AV spaces.

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Deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms with Q-SYS

Learn how to scale the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience into high-value spaces with Q-SYS.

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