Software Integration Alliance

Q-SYS supports third party edge networks as part of QSC’s commitment to present an I/O agnostic solution to the industry. In fact, Q-SYS offers more input & output formats and protocols than any other platform on the market today.

Audinate's Dante is a standard for digital audio networking which distributes  hundreds of uncompressed, multi-channel digital audio channels via standard Ethernet networks. Dante allows audio, control, and all other data to coexist effectively on the same network.

Software-based Dante™ License for the Q-SYS Ecosystem

Q-SYS now features native Dante network audio integration without the need for additional hardware I/O, external control or management devices.  As part of a strategic development effort with Audinate, QSC leveraged the Q-SYS open architecture and Intel processing headroom to expand its native audio integration capabilities and meet the I/O peripheral needs of more installations.

Q-SYS Dante Audio Bridge Card

Integration Type:  I/O Card for Q-SYS Core Processors with I/O card slots

Description:  Provides a link for up to 64x64 channels at 48 kHz from any Dante edge network, such as wireless microphones and digital mixers, directly into the Q-SYS ecosystem for advanced processing and redistribution over Q-LAN for larger LAN and WAN IT infrastructures.

Dante Domain Manager Ready

Dante Domain Manager is network management software that enables user authentication, role-based security, and audit capabilities for Dante networks while allowing seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure.  It organizes a network into zones called "domains" that each have individual access requirements, making it clear and easy to know who can access any area of the system. All activity is logged, tagged, and date-stamped so problems can be quickly identified and solved.

Available with Q-SYS Designer Software v7.2 or higher, the Q-SYS CDN64 Dante™ Audio Bridge I/O Card offers compatibility with Dante Domain Manager™.  The Q-SYS Ecosystem is the first of its kind to a deliver a product that offers full compatibility with Dante Domain Manager Systems.