A Completely New Technology Platform

Q-SYS™ has no equal as an integrated, scalable audio solution. Built from the ground up on a powerful, open, IT-friendly foundation, the Q-SYS platform transcends the limitations in scope, performance, and usability that have kept previous networked audio and control systems from satisfying and exceeding the customer and project requirements:

  • Architecture - Alternative systems use old-school architectures based on dedicated DSP chips. By comparison, Q-SYS uses fast, flexible, server-grade CPUs whose constant improvement is driven by the entire global IT market.
  • Networking - Alternative systems are limited to Layer 2 networking, which doesn’t scale beyond its chosen network hardware. Q-SYS uses the same Layer 3 hardware-independent IP technologies that enable wide area networks and the Internet.
  • Scalability - Alternative systems struggle with capacity chokepoints that are inherent in out-dated architecture. Q-SYS uses centralized processing to ensure that the system’s full power can be flexibly allocated as needed. Simply put, by starting with this smarter approach, Q-SYS is able to achieve vastly superior results, enabling you to do more with your system while worrying less about critical issues such as scalability, latency, and redundancy.

“Q-SYS is the new century’s version of the old system, with a lot more power, capability, expandability and far less hardware. When you add it all up, Q-SYS knocked everything else off the charts.”

Rod Sintow, Pro Sound & Video — Florida and CaliforniaInstaller - New World Center, Miami Beach, FL

Power, Reliability, and Ease-Of-Use

With the bandwidth to handle even the most complex configurations, Q-SYS is ready for any sized job, from boardrooms and clubs, to airports and stadiums. But it’s not just power that sets Q-SYS apart:

  • Ease of use – An intuitive user interface that supports remote access makes Q-SYS  easy to design, install, commission, operate, and maintain.
  • Reliability – Field-proven for over 45 years, QSC reliability ensures that you can depend on Q-SYS for mission-critical deployments.
  • Support – Our worldwide support network is ready to help 24/7, assisting in keeping you running around the clock.

Combining unprecedented capabilities and performance with extraordinary reliability and support, Q-SYS offers unsurpassed value for facilities across the spectrum of installed sound.


Q-SYS Core
A family of software-based DSP appliances, driven by Intel based chipsets and a singular design software, allowing for a unified platform for all system sizes

Network I/O Peripherals
Local or remote devices that service as audio I/O onramps and control connectivity to the Q-SYS network

Network I/O Cards
Connectivity to analog and digital sources and destinations

Network Page Station Peripherals
Sophisticated paging and messaging devices to support any-sized paging application

Network Touchscreen Peripherals
Fully configurable network-based touchscreen panels, in addition to a variety of modern BYOD options

Network Amplifier Peripherals
Networked, configurable, and monitorable amplification designed specifically for use with the Q-SYS™ platform

Network Switches (3rd party)
Ever-growing list of switches tested and approved by QSC for use with the Q-SYS platform

DSP Accessories
Additional DSP components that complement QSC’s DSP platforms

Q-SYS Software and Support

Q-SYS Designer Software
Powerful yet simple advanced DSP software that enables the user to create designs for the Q-SYS Integrated System Platform. 

Q-SYS Support
Online help and remote support for all your Q-SYS software, tools and products.


Q-SYS™ Customer Support

Application Engineering
and Technical Services

Monday - Friday 7 AM to 5 PM PST
(Excludes Holidays)
Tel. 800-772-2834 (U.S. only)
Tel. +1 (714) 957-7150

Q-SYS 24/7 Emergency Support*

Tel: +1-888-252-4836 (U.S./Canada)
Tel: +1-949-791-7722 (non-U.S.)

* After hours calls are guaranteed a 30-minute response time from a Q-SYS Support Team member for Q-SYS related issues only!