Cinema isn’t simply a product, it’s an experience. There’s a magic that happens when the lights go down and the audience lets itself be drawn into the world on screen. And sound is as important as sight in bringing that magic to life.


At QSC, innovation is a combination of industry best practices and our own design inventions and lab-proven technology breakthroughs.


For over 30 years, QSC has been bringing out the magic in cinema sound. We’ve built a reputation for unmatched quality, performance, and reliability as the only major manufacturer of complete cinema solutions.


With processing, amplification, and loudspeakers integrated into a seamless whole, QSC is the complete solution for all your cinema sound needs.

QSC Cinema products are designed for the unique requirements of digital cinema soundtracks. Amps with ultra-low distortion combine with extended low-frequency woofers and phase-coherent mid/high elements for exceptional power, coverage, and intelligibility.

Our secret is simple: Build it to last. You can’t afford lost revenue from downtime and refunds, and we can’t afford a reputation that’s less than stellar. Long-term reliability continues to be a key ingredient of every product we make.

More than a collection of individual parts, a cinema sound system is an interconnected whole. That’s why QSC designs system-level operation into each of our components. With our unique, systemfocused approach, installation is faster, setup is easier, and operation is more efficient.

Working both directly and through our worldwide network of regional dealers, QSC’s mission is your satisfaction. Our product support team helps tailor systems to your specific technical and budgetary requirements. We provide diagrams that speed installation, and we’re available for on-site commissioning and training. If service issues arise, we understand that lost time means lost revenue, so our top priority is to get you up and running fast. And with a single point of responsibility, you know exactly who to call when you need help.

How do you measure the overall value of a sound system? Will it meet the sound quality expectations of tomorrow’s tech-savvy audiences? Has every last detail been thought through to save you time and money? Do the components interface seamlessly, allowing efficient centralized monitoring and management? And does it all work without fail show after show, year after year, avoiding costly downtime and replacement? These are the standards by which we measure ourselves at QSC, and which make our products the best long-term value in cinema sound.

Who we are

At QSC, our success in cinema reflects a hands-on background in theatrical exhibition that informs both product design and customer relations. We’ve operated projection booths, managed theatres, and worked for audio and projection manufacturers and post-production studios. We know what it’s like to wire a theater or climb behind the screen to get at a speaker. And we know what it costs when technical issues delay theater openings or result in Saturday night refunds.

The result is a cinema product line that not only sounds spectacular, but is also remarkably fast to install, simple to set up, and trouble-free to own. And we back every product and system with the kind of support that comes from knowing what it’s like to operate a cinema complex. 

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